SGA Funding Opportunities:

The Academic Pursuit Fund (APF) - The APF subsidizes Skidmore students’ academic activities outside of the classroom. These pursuits include, but are not limited to: scholarly research (not related to required work for classes students are receiving academic credit for), creative work, and academic conferences. Academic conferences are defined by this program as conferences that are related to the individual’s or group’s majors. Check out what people have used the fund for in our blog!

 JSS Activism Fund/ Civic Engagement The JSS Activism Fund was created in honor of Skidmore’s sixth President, Jamienne S. Studley, to enable students to participate in political and social activism, or causes to expand their sense of community involvement, service, and awareness. The Civic Engagement Fund was created to provide financial support for worthwhile student civic engagement projects that actively pursue the alleviation of public concerns and the improvement of public life in a community. The JSS Activism and Civic Engagement Fund is meant to achieve the goals of both individual funds. The Fund is meant for all students. Fund requests are not guaranteed. Every application will be fully considered, but the criteria within the document “Criteria for the JSS Activism and Civic Engagement Fund” will guide Senate in granting funds.

 Out of Classroom Discussion Fund (OCDF)  - The OCDF provides Skidmore students with small grants to expand their relationships with faculty. These funds can be used to get coffee, lunch, tickets to school events, and more.

 Student Activity Financial Aid (SAFA) - The purpose of SAFA is to bridge the class inequality gap that exists due to the lack financial support for students from various socioeconomic backgrounds. The goal of this fund is to subsidize student's expenses within the realm of SGA, meaning that this fund can only be used to support student participation in events or clubs that are already supported or sponsored by the Student Government Association. The fund can be used whenever there is a requirement for individual contributions including but not limited to: membership contributions, membership fees, equipment or materials, and SGA elections. It is our goal to have all SGA supported activities accessible by all members of the student body no matter what their socioeconomic background may be.

 Student Life Improvement Fund (SLIF) - SLIF is a fund for individual students, or groups of students not affiliated with an official group, to propose 1 time cost for initiatives and projects that will directly impact the student experience at Skidmore. While initiatives need not be large, they must be in some way meaningful to more than a handful of current students. Applications are granted at the discretion of the Committee on Student Life, with oversight from the VP for Financial Affairs. 

 *All forms can be found on the #Homesync on Skidsync!