Campus News

Free speeches

Upcoming talks and events include art, business and a residency by a Caribbean-British writer, this year's McCormack Visiting Scholar-Artist.

Oceanography grant from NASA

Atmospheric carbon is a big driver of climate change, and oceans are big regulators of atmospheric carbon--but how exactly? NASA is funding a Skidmore professor to find out more.

"In It" together

Round 2 of Skidmore's "In It" diversity events, Oct. 11-13, include gender and other identity discussions featuring alumni, an eminent scholar and a student with her mother and grandmother.

Skidmore sweep

Thoroughbred JT Wynne defeated his own teammate Steven Koulouris to win the regional Division III singles title; minutes later, they paired up to win the doubles title.

Environmental movement, literally

Choreographer Jody Sperling has danced on the shrinking Arctic ice, and she's bringing her expressive movement to Skidmore this week, Oct. 5 and 6.

Join us for Celebration Weekend

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