Academics at Skidmore

Academics at Skidmore

At Skidmore, we believe a great education is about putting academic theory and creative expression into practice.

This practical focus often leads to cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary courses of study where students carry multiple majors, collaborative research is common, most students study abroad, and internships and service-learning courses are standard. Skidmore students develop into independent, creative problem-solvers who aren’t restricted to looking at things in traditional ways.

How do we align academic theory with day-to-day reality?

From our beginning we’ve believed that the life of the mind is vitally linked to a life of creativity, practicality, and action. So we’ve developed an array of majors, minors, and special study programs that will enable you to create a cohesive learning experience that means something now and in the future. A Skidmore education will equip you for exciting career options, for the opportunities and responsibilities of our global society, and for a lifetime of learning and growth. 
It will help you harness what’s best in you and connect it to the real world.


First-Year Experience (FYE)

We know that students who don’t connect in a rich and meaningful way with faculty members and peers, and who fail to identify an intellectual interest or passion, are less likely to succeed. That’s why Skidmore developed the First-Year Experience.

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Skidmore academicsMajors and Minors 

Students can choose from B.A. and B.S. degrees in 43 disciplines—in the arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences, as well as in preprofessional fields such as management and business, education studies, and health and exercise sciences. Some students even craft their own self-determined majors. And most carry two majors or add a minor. Most major disciplines also offer minor programs. 

List of majors and minors



Academic Departments and Programs Academics


Skidmore academics feature an array of liberal arts and preprofessional offerings with an interdisciplinary focus that opens students’ minds and brings creative thought to life. The First-Year Experience sets the tone, after which students take advantage of hands-on research, internships, service learning, off-campus study, and other transformative experiences that equip them for an exciting career, the opportunities and responsibilities of our global society, and a lifetime of learning and growth. 


List of academic departments and programs


Course Catalog  

Skidmore offers a wide variety of courses that will enable you to create a cohesive learning experience. A Skidmore education will equip you for exciting career options, for the opportunities and responsibilities of our global society, and for a lifetime of learning and growth. 

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Off-Campus Study  

Nearly 60% of our students study off campus, placing Skidmore seventh in the nation among the top 40 baccalaureate institutions for the number of students studying abroad for one semester. Students can choose from approximately 120 approved programs in 45 countries.


Where will you go? 


Summer Programs 


During the summer, students find a distinctive array of academic programs, intensive institutes, lecture series, artist-scholar residencies, and community programs that serve everyone from high school and college students to graduate students and professionals.

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Student-Faculty Research   


Skidmore's Summer Faculty Student Research Program provides students with a unique opportunity to work with faculty on original research in disciplines ranging from biology to business, including English, physics, dance, and economics.


Student-Faculty Research information


Service Learning 

Service-learning coursework includes community service as an experiential learning technique to deepen students’ understanding of course content, to build their skills in the application of theory to practice, to increase their experiences with diversity, and to develop their interest in and commitment to social action and social problem solving. 

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Honors Forum

Honors Forum is an academic program that offers rigorous courses and extracurricular events to its members and the larger Skidmore community. In their first or second years, students apply based on their GPA and leadership potential. 

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Grad School Agreements  

Students in the lab

Skidmore offers its own master’s program, MALS, in addition to numerous cooperative bachelor’s and master’s programs with other leading institutions in areas such as business, engineering, nursing, and physical and occupational therapy. Dedicated assistance is also available for students preparing for medical, dental, veterinary, and other health schools through the Health Professions Advisory Committee.

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Antecedentes académicos de Skidmore

Desde los inicios de Skidmore, creemos que la existencia del pensamiento está vinculada fundamentalmente a una vida de creatividad, pragmatismo y acción. Por lo tanto hemos desarrollado un conjunto de diplomados, especializaciones secundarias y programas que le permitirán crear una experiencia de aprendizaje coherente que tiene significado en el presente y en el futuro. La educación en Skidmore lo preparará para una carrera emocionante, para las oportunidades y responsabilidades de nuestra sociedad global y para una vida de aprendizaje y crecimiento. Le ayudará a aprovechar lo mejor de usted y a conectarlo con el mundo real.


Diplomados, especializaciones secundarias y programas de título

En el Catálogo de Skidmore se encuentra una lista actualizada completa de todos los diplomados, especializaciones secundarias y programas.

Departamentos y programas académicos


Programas preprofesionales (Ingeniería, Salud y ramas afines)  

Otras experiencias académicas para estudiantes universitarios (sin título)

Estudios de posgrado

Programas de verano