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Vincent Brown to deliver April 17 Kuroda Lecture

He will consider ways in which multimedia scholarship invites reconsideration of how history has been, could be, and should be represented.

Research with undergrads to be Distinguished Scientist topic

An award-winning scholar with a strong record of fostering research by undergraduates will lecture April 15 on a career that he considers "fabulous."

SGA program to host speakers on sexual misconduct

SGA's It's Happening Here campaign is hosting guest speakers this Wednesday and Friday on topics related to sexual misconduct. Both events are free and open to all.

Class focus: Autism Awareness and Acceptance

Rachel Mann Rosan's students have again coordinated a robust schedule of events designed to raise awareness about autism, including research updates and details on services in the region.



Faculty and Staff Achievements

Faculty-Staff Achievements, April 14, 2015

Abby Grace Drake shares research on fossil dogs at Saratoga event.

Faculty-Staff Achievements, April 7, 2015

Jaouad edits new edition of CELAAN on French philosopher Michel Foucault.
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