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Speech writers

Just days before they're due to give Commencement speeches, a student and a professor talk over the work of crafting memorable remarks.

Science, speech, and music

How does music therapy help people with speech disorders? How does the brain process lyrics and melody? A Skidmore neuroscientist has earned Grammy funding to investigate.

Guggenheim awards Skidmore scholars

After a rigorous application process, professor Heather Hurst '97 and Laura Somen Harrison '91 have both been awarded 2017 Guggenheim Fellowships.

Curating "Africa Pop"

"It is impossible to describe the feeling when a work of art that you've only dreamed about being in your show hangs in front of you," says Hanna Traore '17, who is curating a Tang Museum show for her senior thesis.



Faculty and Staff Achievements

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