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Non-Matriculated Student Registration Information


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How do I apply to Skidmore as a non-matriculated student?

The Registrar’s Office will notify you of the outcome of your application.

How do I choose a course?


When do classes start?

January 22, 2019

When can I enroll for classes?

December 3-14 and January 7-18

(Employees and their dependents may sign up starting November 30th)

Office hours: 9:00-11:30am & 1:30-4:00pm            

Where do I sign up?

In person at the Registrar’s Office, Starbuck Center, Second floor, 203 (Phone: 518-580-5710).


What are the fees to take a class?

That will vary based on the courses you select - consult the table below. Skidmore accepts checks, Master Card, Discover, American Express, or cash as payment.

You will not be allowed to register without payment.

Type of Fee

Age Group

  Adults High school students
(1/2 tuition benefit)
Registration Fee (per semester)
$25 $25
Tuition per credit hour
$1775 $887.50
Student Activity and General Fee
(required for students taking 12 or more credits per semester)
$495 $247.50
Studio Fees for Studio Art/Dance/Theater courses
Vary - see catalog for each course
Lab fees (if applicable) Vary - see catalog for each course


Are there any restrictions?


What do I need to know after I register, before classes start?

Student Identification Card
This card can be used to obtain a campus parking sticker or to checkout materials at the Scribner Library. To obtain an I.D. card, take your registration receipt to the Card Office in Starbuck Center, First floor, 103. The card gives you access to student services only for the term you are enrolled. Your card will automatically reactivate for each semester you enroll.
Use of the CDTA bus is not an included service.
  • You must have a Skidmore sticker affixed to your car to park on campus.
  • Go to the Security Office located in the basement of Jonsson Tower.
  • Information about campus parking regulations will be given to you and upon presentation of your I.D. card and your vehicle registration, you will receive a parking sticker for your vehicle.
  • The parking sticker is valid only for the academic year (Fall & Spring) you are enrolled in. A new sticker must be obtained each academic year.
  •  You may also register your vehicle online.
Books and Supplies
  • Textbooks, paper, pens, and other supplies can be purchased at the Skidmore Shop on the lower level of Case Center.
  • To review the textbooks needed for your courses, use the online listing.
  • Textbooks are in the back of the store, arranged alphabetically by department. Staff is available to provide assistance.
To obtain access to Blackboard for your course, contact the Academic Technologies Department at acadtech@skidmore.edu. Include your name, student ID and course number.

Health Regulations Apply
  • Immunization records are needed for anyone born after January 1, 1957 and enrolled for 6 or more hours per semester.
  • Submit them directly to Health Services in Jonsson Tower on campus.
  • Failure to submit records will result in withdrawal from the College.
  • Per New York State law, it is illegal for Skidmore College to enroll you without these records being on file.

Dropping, adding or withdrawal procedures

Dropping/Adding Courses
Course Withdrawal without Grade Penalty
  • A student may withdraw from a course without grade penalty from the 3rd week through the 11th week of classes in the term, but no tuition refund will be given.
  • A grade of “W” is assigned for the course.
  • The maximum number of course withdrawals (W) is two, regardless of GPA.
  • The Withdrawal Form must be completed and signed by the instructor.
***Grade Penalty: Any student who stops attending a class and does not take appropriate measures to drop or withdraw from the class will receive an “F” (Failing) grade.

Continuation Standards for Special (Non-Matriculated) Students

Non-matriculated students are expected to complete their academic work according to the following GPA standards as seen in the chart below. Failure to meet these standards will result in a review by the Committee on Academic Standing and possible withdrawal from the institution.
*****Maximum number of course withdrawals is 2, regardless of GPA.*****
Courses taken at Skidmore Cumulative GPA required to continue as a non-matriculated student
1 1.50
2 1.67
3 1.85
4-10 2.00
After 10 Must apply to matriculate, or withdraw.
Students who fall below these standards may petition for a one-time nonrenewable waiver in order to continue non-matriculated enrollment. Petitions will be reviewed by the Committee on Academic Standing and the decision of the Committee will be based on academic evidence indicating the student’s goals and potential for success.
Employees taking courses but not interested in pursuing nor obtaining a degree may petition the Committee on Academic Standing for a waiver of the ten course limit.