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Master Schedule Key

Special Permissions (Spec Perm)

Y = signature of instructor is required to enroll
N = no permission required as long as prereq is met

All Internships and Independent Studies require a special form (see below)

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grade Option (S/U)

Day Codes

Notes Column Abbreviations

Visitor Information - Due to limitations in space or other unique circumstances, classes which have a code of "N" do not lend themselves to visitation.

Requirement Codes

Service Learning Component = SL

Short Term Study Abroad = SHRT

Instructor Column Abbreviations

Activity (ACT) Column Abbreviations

Forms Required
All special forms must be completed and handed in at registration.
Pick up forms in the Registrar’s Office or from the Forms Page unless otherwise noted.

Classroom Abbreviations

Courses With Special Fees