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Scheduling Guidelines

We have established these guidelines so that you can make the most profitable use of the Writing Center.

For papers one to five pages long, simply schedule a single regular appointment.

For papers six to 10 pages long, schedule two consecutive one-hour appointments with the same tutor. The first appointment must be on an even-numbered hour (noon, 2, 4...).

Drop off your paper at the beginning of the first hour, so your tutor can read the paper carefully.

For papers 11 pages or longer, please call or stop into the Writing Center at least four days before you would like to meet with a tutor. We will make arrangements for a tutor to receive your paper and to meet with you.

For especially long papers and theses—more than 20 or 25 pages—please allow one week for us to arrange for tutoring.

Please bear in mind:

Schedule or arrange for a tutoring session or sessions as far ahead of a paper’s due date as possible, to give you time to write the best paper you can. If you arrive at the Writing Center just before a paper is due, you and your tutor are severely limited in the work that can be done on your paper. Such tight scheduling means we cannot offer you the range of our resources.