Emergency Preparedness
Campus Safety

Low-level alert

Campus is fully open

Classes will resume at 11:15 following this morning's manhunt in which police captured a suspected sex offender. All offices are open. Police ask all to report any items of a suspicious nature that might serve as evidence. More


Skidmore Urgent Notification System

The Skidmore Urgent Notification System (SUNS) – based on
e2campus technology– is a web-based, mass-notification
system that enables the Department of Campus Safety to
send instant alerts to all students, faculty, and staff cell
phones, email accounts, pagers, & web pages automatically
all at once from one easy-to-use interface. 

Register here.

The Department of Campus Safety provides information pertaining to emergency preparedness and a wide range of safety and security issues. Our approach is to work collaboratively with all segments of the community to solve problems, resolve conflicts, and create a safe environment in which to obtain a quality education.



Campus Safety Contact Numbers

EMERGENCIES 518-580-5566
TIPS Hotline 518-580-8477
Non-emergencies 518-580-5567
Weather line 518-580-7669