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International Student Admissions
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Skidmore is highly competitive. Over the last two years Skidmore has received 8,500 to 9,200 applications for first-year classes targeted at 650 to 690 students (including 36 students spending their first semester in London).

  • 29%–35% have been offered admission
  • 45%–50% each year have enrolled Early Decision
  • median SAT and ACT scores of admitted students have been 1300–1320 and 29–30

The application deadline for regular admission candidates is January 15. The Admissions Office stresses the importance of early filing of all materials, especially for international students. International mail is often delayed and slower than domestic mail, so the earlier you complete the application process, the earlier your application can be considered.

Key Dates

  • November 15: Application deadline for Round I Early Decision 
  • November 15: Application for spring Transfer Admission
  • January 15: Application deadline for Regular Admission 
  • January 15: Application deadline for Round II Early Decision 
  • April 1: Application deadline for fall Transfer Admission

Statement of Visa/Residency Status: All applicants who are not U.S. citizens must include a statement of their visa or residency status together with their admissions application form. A photocopy of your passport is sufficient.

TOEFL: English is the language of instruction at Skidmore, and it is necessary that all students be proficient in reading, writing, and speaking English. Generally, a score of 96–97 on the Internet-based TOEFL (243 on Computer and 590 on Paper) is regarded as an indicator of minimal proficiency for study at Skidmore. The suggested IELTS minimum is 7.0–7.5.

Application Checklist for International Students


2016–17 College Costs and Financial Aid

  • Tuition: $50,684
  • Room: $7,998 for dorm double
  • Board: $5,532 for unlimited meal plan
  • Fees: $1,096 for first-year students

Skidmore annually gives more than $42 million in financial aid on the basis of demonstrated financial need. The average 2016–17 first-year financial aid package for international students was $58,000. Skidmore is a Davis partner school of the United World Colleges.

International students applying for aid are required to file the College Board’s College Scholarship Service Financial Aid PROFILE.


For questions about applying to Skidmore as an international student, please contact 
Dean Mendes, associate director of admissions, or Ariana Vacs Renwick, assistant director of admissions.

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How to Apply

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First-Year Experience

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