Schick Art Gallery

Eclectic Earth
Ceramic work by 13 contemporary artists

Reception: Friday, November 4, 2016, 5:00 -7:00 p.m.
Artists’ Talk Friday, November 4, at 6:00 p.m.

The Schick Gallery presents Eclectic Earth, an exhibition of sculptural and functional ceramic works by thirteen contemporary artists. The exhibition is curated by Skidmore Associate Professor of Ceramics Matthew Wilt, with an eye to exposing students to a wide range of techniques, concepts, and aesthetic visions.  

Works on view include Thaddeus Erdahl’s sometimes droll, sometimes haggard portrait busts of soldiers and generals; Erdahl’s work explores modern archetypes, and is derived from his experience serving in the military.
Of her darkly humorous and exquisitely-formed porcelain animals, Linda Cordell writes, “…my work reinterprets the figurine, enabling animals to break the chains of cuteness….”   An appreciation of the ridiculous and the belief that domestic objects are social propaganda contribute to her work.  
Steven Montgomery’s six-foot long Static Fuel 4 looks like a functioning engine, cylinders and all, but is entirely ceramic; it conveys the exquisite intricacy of  machines.
Gail Heidel’s public art encourages connections between typically divided areas or populations. For Mending Fences, one of her two installation works at Skidmore, she will make subtle interventions to existing architectural elements, adding bright ceramic links to railings along campus walkways.
Raymon Elozua created R & D II, a vivid sculpture of clay, steel, and glass, by starting with digital exploration of the colored shapes in Abstract Expressionist paintings; traces of the paintings remain, but are synthesized through Elozua’s complex process, which involves blowing glass into a metal armature.
Bryan Czibesz combines the age-old material of clay with 3-D printing to make his invented heirlooms, cryptic forms whose identities are obscured by tangles of extruded clay. 

Jane Shellenbarger creates extraordinary functional pieces, and writes of being  ‘intrigued with the ability of pots to transcend themselves as objects and convey information’ about cultures and time periods.
This partial sampling suggests the range of works on view; the full Eclectic Earth artists’ list is: Jill Allen, Linda Cordell, Bryan Czibesz, Melody Ellis, Raymon Elozua, Thaddeus Erdahl, Gail Heidel, Matt Kelleher, Steven Montgomery, Tim Rowan, Hide Sadohara, Jane Shellenbarger, and Colleen Toledano. From practical to fantastic, abstract to figurative, the humble, earthen material of clay has rarely been seen in such eclectic variation in a 1300 square foot gallery.
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