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Art Department

Spring 2018 (4 credits)


AR 264F Water Based Media (Janet Sorensen) M W 8:45 – 11:45

An exploration of water-based drawing and painting media with a focus on acrylic paint.  Using direct observation, experimentation, and invention, this course builds understanding of formal principles, color interaction and the physical qualities of materials.  Assignments support development of a personal vision. 

Prerequisites: AR 133; Studio Fee:  $25

AR 351H Advanced Printmaking (Kate Leavitt) M W 9:05 – 12:05

Further investigation of formal, expressive, and technical aspects of printmaking. Thiscourse emphasizes individual exploration of structured assignments, leading toward self-directed studio practice. Readings and discussions complement studio practice. Emphasis is placed upon more individual exploration of assigned formal problems in the studio.

Open to Juniors and Seniors only.  Prerequisite: AR228 or AR342 or AR350 or AR264H; Studio Fee:  $75  


AR 351J Advanced Digital Media (Paul Hembree) M W 9:30 – 12:30

A continued investigation and further development of the practice of making art using digital media. Students may choose to pursue advanced projects in either interactive design or motion graphics. Emphasis will be placed on developing an individual studio practice through studio work, critical and art historical readings and writing. 

Pre-requisites: AR136 or AR264 or AR358 or permission of instructor; Studio Fee:  $105