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Sustainable Skidmore

New-Initiatives-in-Sustainability Fund

The New-Initiatives-in-Sustainability Fund is an initiative focused on providing support for sustainability at Skidmore College. This funding program is available to any Skidmore College student, staff, or faculty member who would like to promote sustainability on campus. The Sustainability Fund will support campus projects as well as provide funding to attend conferences that can inform and facilitate campus community learning in sustainability. Please click here to access the New-Initiatives-in-Sustainability Fund proposal guidelines and application form.

The New-Initiatives-in-Sustainability Fund is made possible by a grant from the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation to support the Environmental Studies Program and Sustainable Skidmore.

New-Initiatives-in-Sustainability Review Committee

2013 Review Committee

Karen Kellogg, Associate Dean for Infrastructure, Sustainability & Civic Engagement

Mariel Martin, Director, Office of Student Diversity Programs

Michael Marx, Director, Environmental Studies Program and Associate Professor of English

Levi Rogers, Sustainability Coordinator