Summer Dance Workshop

Stephen Petronio Company
June 4 – 24, 2017

Stephen Petronio, photo by Sarah Silver
Stephen Petronio, photo by Sarah Silver

Stephen Petronio

Stephen Petronio was born in Newark, NJ, and received a BA from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA, where he began his early training in improvisation and dance technique. He was greatly influenced by working with Steve Paxton and was the first male dancer of the Trisha Brown Dance Company (1979 to 1986). He has gone on to build a unique career, receiving numerous accolades, including a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, awards from the Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts, New York Foundation for the Arts, an American Choreographer Award, a New York Dance and Performance “Bessie” Award, and most recently a Doris Duke Performing Artist Award. On the occasion of Stephen Petronio receiving the Doris Duke Award in 2015, he was asked:

What fuels your impulse to make creative work?

I believe in the power of movement. My language is a continuum of motion predicated on the conscious direction of energy throughout the body and into space. The spine undulates, twisting and torqueing; hips sling, thrust forward off the legs and into the eye of the audience; head and limbs whip through space extending out into arcs of enlivened calligraphy; literal and personal gestures bubble to the surface, then disappear back into the dense mix. My artistic concerns shift constantly, but the following run through my investigations with some sense of regularity: a commitment to multidisciplinary collaborators; multiple states of consciousness in the body; physical play; accidental discovery that defies logic and the tools that facilitate these "accidents;" rapidly shifting architectural structures; the relationship between order and chaos; issues of power and control; communal structures for behaving; hybrid constructions of gender and sexuality; and a relationship to pop culture.

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Additional faculty and guest artists for the 2017 workshop will be announced shortly.