Solomon Northup Day - A Celebration of Freedom

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An audience member at Solomon Northup Day 2013
An audience member at Solomon Northup Day 2013

-Renee Moore
Founder, Solomon Northup Day—A Celebration of Freedom
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1999 - Solomon Northup Day founded by Saratoga Springs resident and Skidmore College alumna Renee Moore

1999 - Historical marker placed on Broadway to mark the area where Solomon Northup's abduction took place

2000 - Solomon Northup Day receives recognition by the Library of Congress Bicentennial Local Legacies Project

2002 - Third Saturday in July recognized as annual Solomon Northup Day.

2007 - Solomon Northup Day recognized by National Parks Service Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Program

2013 - Skidmore College takes over coordination of Solomon Northup Day events

Historic sign commemorating Solomon Northup