Student Conduct:

We believe the College Honor Code and regulations are vital to community welfare, student safety, and high standards of ethical integrity.  Staff, working in conjunction with students and faculty, provides students with a clear set of expectations when a student violates the Honor Code he/she is required to take responsibility, make amends, and return to good standing.

Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) Policy:

The use of illegal drugs and alcohol abused (AOD) correlates with a host of problems on campus such as lowered academic accomplishment, sexual violence, and vandalism.  The abuse of AOD undermines the academic mission of the College; and it is often illegal.  The College considers the abuse of AOD a public health problem and works to reduce AOD abuse among students.

Skidmore provides a range of educational and counseling programs to ensure that all members of the College community know the risks associated with drug and alcohol abuse.  The counseling center and health services provide confidential counseling and referral services to students who are concerned about their or a friend's use of AOD.

The College understands that students make their own choices about AOD.  However, the College also believes that students should experience the consequences of their choices.  The College will not ignore violations of the law or the Skidmore regulations elaborated in this policy.  The College will discipline students whose conduct undermines the vitality of the academic community.

When a student violates AOD policy or New York State law, a College official meets with the student to discuss the student's behavior, College policy and expectations, and to determine the appropriate sanction.  The meeting makes the College's concern about the violation of the AOD policy clear to the student, and it provides the student with an opportunity to change his or her behavior without appearing before the Integrity Board.  While a sanction for the conduct is imposed at this meeting, the purpose of this first meeting is educational.

The AOD Sanction Table summarizes the range of possible sanctions for violations of the College AOD policy.  The College generally interprets more than three violations of the AOD policy as indication that the student is unwilling to abide by College regulations.

Integrity Board (IB):

The Skidmore College Integrity Board (IB) is a tripartite group of hearing officers composed of students, faculty, and staff members.  Founded in Restorative Justice, the IB requires a student who has violated the Honor Code or College code of conduct to take responsibility, make amends, and return to good standing.  When a student is found responsible for a violation, the Integrity Board will assign sanctions that preserve individual and institutional integrity, as well as help offenders learn from their mistakes.  During the period from hearing to completion of sanctions the student is on "Disciplinary Probation."

In certain cases, including all cases of sexual assault, an Administrative Hearing Board will convene, which is comprised of faculty and staff members only.

For further information regarding the Integrity Board, please see the Skidmore College Student Handbook.