Room Selection for 2014-2015

Room Selection

It’s Housing Selection time!

This year the Housing Selection process is kicking off with Apartment Selection on March 19th and will complete on April 25th with the conclusion of Residence Hall Room Selection.

In order to prepare for this process, we encourage you to take the time to learn everything you can about your housing options for next year. We hope that the information found on this webpage is helpful in you preparation.

Know that this year we have made some major changes to our room selection process, the largest of which is the moving of the Off-Campus Selection and Residence Hall Selection, from an in person process to a fully online process. So even if you have been through this process before we would encourage to read up to make sure you do not miss any important information.

We will provide further updates to this page and to you directly by way of your Skidmore email about this process as it progresses. Be sure to check back here in the lead up to your process for additional information.

Things to Remember for a Successful Housing Selection Process

-Preparation is a must for Housing Selection success! Be sure that you are eligible to select and that you have more than one housing option to consider.
-While Room Selection may appear to be overwhelming, we encourage you to focus on the options that you are interested in, especially the ones that make the most sense for your class standing.
-We wish we could guarantee that every student will get the housing choice they want, but instead be open to different housing opportunities, whether that is a new residence hall, or a new roommate.

General Information

Room Selection Important Dates and Deadlines

Important Changes, Updates and General Information

Eligibility for Housing Selection

Understanding Your Class Year and Lottery Number

Your Selection Time

Proxy Information for Apartments and Specialty Housing

Students On-Leave or Planning to be On-A-Leave

Northwoods Village Apartment Facts

Sussman Village Apartment Facts

Residence Hall Room Selection Options

Off-Campus Housing Selection
   -Off Campus Housing Selection - Things To Know
   -Selecting Off-Campus Housing Guide

Class of 2017 Housing
   -Residence Hall Selection Process - The Basics for Class of 2017

Residence Hall Room Selection
   -Residence Hall Room Selection - Online Guide
   -2014-2015 Housing Application Guide
   -Residence Hall Room Selection - Roommate Finder Guide
   -Adding or Changing Roommate Preference - Edit Roommate Preference Guide
   -Proxy Information - Being a Proxy
   -Proxy Information - Requesting a Proxy
   -Residence Hall Room Selection - Things to Know

Special Interest Housing
   -General Information
   -Registration Forms
        * Gender Neutral Housing
        * Quiet Wing
        * Row of Rooms
        * Substance Free Floor
        * Women's Floor

Residence Hall Floor Plans
   -Howe Hall
   -Jonsson Tower
   -Kimball Hall
   -McClellan Hall
   -Penfield Hall
   -Rounds Hall
   -Wait Hall
   -Wiecking Hall
   -Wilmarth Hall