Room Changes

Skidmore College’s room change process allows for any student to apply for a room change for any reason.  Room changes are offered on a space available basis and are granted with preference provided to class year.  Please see the FAQ section below for answers to many commonly asked questions regarding this process.

For the 2017-2018 Academic Year, open application into the room change process will be limited to specific time periods. These periods are:

The room change process defers depending on your class year so please be sure to follow the correct process.  Applications submitted through the wrong process will not be accepted.


To schedule a meeting with an Area Coordinator students should reach out to their Area Coordinator directly, email the Office of Residential Life, or come into the Office of Residential Life in person. 

Please note that room changes take time and we have limited space to make room changes.  If you are experiencing challenges in your living situation, please follow up with your RA for assistance.



I am a First-Year Student. What are my Room Change options for room type?

First-Year students will primarily be offered room changes into double occupancy rooms.  Single occupancy rooms will only be offered to First-Year students after all upper-class standing student requests are satisfied, which rarely happens prior to the start of the Spring semester.  Apartments are not available to First-Year students. 

How do you decide who gets a room change?
We look at our applicants and our vacancies to see who we are able to assist.  This depends on many factors including the type of vacancy (residence hall vs. apartment), the gender of the space available, as well as what the applicants are requesting.  When we have spaces that can satisfy multiple applicants with similar requests, we will offer a room change based on the order your application was received.

How long will I need to wait for an offer?
This is difficult to say.  As stated above, room changes are dependent on a number of factors.  As a result an offer could come in as little as a few days or could take the entire year.  Due to the unknown time range of offers becoming available, we strongly encourage you to follow up with your RA for assistance if you are experiences challenges in your living situation. 

We cannot guarantee a quick offer, but you can increase your changes of getting a quicker offer by keeping your request simple.  The more specific the request, the harder it is to fill.

If I accept a room change, how do I manage the move?
If you accept a room change, you have 48 hours to move to your new assignment.  You will need to come to the Office of Residential Life to complete paperwork and to have your ID card encoded.  You are responsible for moving your belongings.

There is a vacant room on my floor.  How can I move in?
Maybe, but not without applying for a room change first.  There are vacancies throughout campus for a variety of reasons.  We plan to offer these vacancies to students on the room change list.  If you wish to move into this space you can fill out a room change application though there is no guarantee that you will be able to secure that space as there may be other students already on the list who's request can be satisfied by this space. 

How will I know if I get a room change?

We will contact you via Skidmore email to make an offer.

If I receive an offer do I have to take it?
No.  You may always choose to decline a room change offer.  However, if you decline an offer your application will be moved to the end of the list, so it may be a while before we are able to make another offer.

My friend(s) have a vacancy in their apartment/double room. Can I move in?
It is likely but not automatic. Requests of this sort are typically approved regardless of place on the room change list but we will need to hear from your friend(s) first confirming they want you to move in. If we do not hear from them requesting you to fill the space, it will be offered to the first person on the room change list instead.