The Office of Residential Life provides a residential experience that supports the academic and personal development of students.  We regard students as maturing individuals and expect them to accept responsibility for their academic, personal, and social lives.


The Office of Residential Life supports students as they navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by community living experiences.  We provide multiple housing options and serve as a resource for students.  We foster personal development and accountability by implementing the residential education model, maintaining community standards, and intentionally training and mentoring Resident and Unit Assistants.

Diversity Commitment

The Office of Residential Life strives to build a campus community that respects individual identities based on, but not limited to, the following sociocultural characteristics:

    • Race                                            • National origin                        • Ability
    • Ethnicity                                       • First language                         • Socioeconomic status
    • Sexual orientation                         • Age                                       • Learning style
    • Gender identity and expression       • Religious and spiritual tradition

We expect students to dialogue through the complexity of their individual and social identities.  We encourage students to engage in efforts to develop productive relationships in their living spaces.

Department Values

Residential Learning Outcomes

Students will...