Opportunity Program

Our Staff

The Higher Education Opportunity Program/Academic Opportunity Program is a member of the Student Affairs division and also keeps in constant contact with members of the faculty; thus, much of what we do is informed by our wider connections with the College. The professional staff members in the office act as faculty advisors to first- and second-year HEOP/AOP students, and offer academic assistance to all students on an individual basis. The directors recruit throughout the state in cooperation with the Admissions Office.  HEOP/AOP staff teach HPG: Pre FYS/Study Skills and HPE: Freshman Seminar in the Summer Academic Institute, as well as HPF: Study Skills and HE 100: Academic Writing to first-year students in the fall term.

Nora Clark
Email: nclark@skidmore.edu

Nathan Richardson
Associate Director
Email: nrichard@skidmore.edu

Alice Buesing
Academic Advisor
Email: abuesing@skidmore.edu

Michela Lakkala
Academic Advisor
Email: mlakkala@skidmore.edu

Eun-sil Lee
Academic Advisor
Email: elee1@skidmore.edu

Ashley B. Mason
Academic Advisor
Email: amason@skidmore.edu

Carrie Fonda
Administrative Assistant
Email: cfonda@skidmore.edu