Opportunity Program

Financial Aid

At Skidmore, admissions and financial aid policies are determined by the Admissions and Student Aid Committee. The College aids financially needy admitted and enrolled students who have submitted the appropriate applications and documentation, and the packages reflect the full need projected in each year's budget: actual tuition and fees, room and board costs, and average book costs, supplies, travel, and personal expenses.

HEOP students are among those students at Skidmore with the greatest financial need, so they are offered special loan and work adjustments, including a full package of institutional and state grants to cover the required Summer Academic Institute, low-interest-rate federal Perkins loans and reduced federal work-study hours for the first year. The loan obligation for Skidmore HEOP students has traditionally been one of the lowest for any HEOP program across the state, and this appears likely to continue, because both the State Education Department and Skidmore recognize this as such a successful and valuable program. For more information refer to the Office of Student Aid and Family Finance.