Skids on the Loose
Photo Contest Rules

Who is eligible to enter?

 Contest dates

How do I submit a photo?

Post your photo one of the four ways below: 

Post your picture to the Skidmore College Facebook Page

Tweet your picture using the hashtag #SkidsOnTheLoose

Post your picture on Instagram using the hashtag #SkidsOnTheLoose

Email your photos to Jessica Cellini.

PLEASE NOTE: If any of your social media accounts are private we are UNABLE to see your pictures and include you in the contest! Please submit your photos one of the other three ways or make your account public for the duration of the contest.


Contact Jessica Cellini in Alumni Relations and College Events. 


Want to spread the joy of hanging out with Skids? Why not pass him along to a fellow Skiddie to add to Skids' wonderful winter break! (Optional and at your own expense.) Email Jessica Cellini for more information.

What do I win?

You're all winners! You now have your very own Skids to love and cherish for the rest of his days.

A panel of judgees will select the top three photos and winners will be notified and awarded Skidmore gear by February 1, 2017.