Stay Connected, Get Involved

Whether you reside close to campus or across the globe, Skidmore provides opportunities to participate in regional and campus programs throughout the year. Consider attending Reunion Weekend or a regional event, seeing the world via the Alumni Travel Program, connecting and networking through the Skidmore Business Network, or supporting Skidmore through the Friends of Skidmore Athletics or  Friends of the Tang.

Stay Connected, Get Involved -- have fun with your fellow alumni and engage with Skidmore.


Participate in the first-ever #Skid4Life social media weekend! 

August 29 - September 2 

#Skid4Life Week


From August 29 through September 2, Skidmore will celebrate you and all #SkidKids as part of our first-ever #Skid4Life weekend. On and off campus, there are plenty of ways to take part in the festivities, especially on social media. Check out the stories we've received so far on Facebook.

Aug. 29 College Colors Day

College Colors Day is an annual celebration dedicated to promoting the traditions and spirit that embody the college experience by encouraging fans across America to wear their favorite college or university apparel throughout the day. For the second year, we'll ask alumni and students to submit photos sporting Skidmore College Colors using #Skid4Life.

Aug. 30 Mentors Matter

Share/tag/name your mentors from the Skidmore community who have had an impact on your life. Shout-outs will be collected via social media using #Skid4Life and using the form below

Aug. 31 Introduce Your Selfie

Introduce yourself to the incoming Class of 2018! Post your selfie and a quick introduction on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using #Skid4Life. 

Sept. 1 Labor of Love 

In honor of Labor Day, tell us why you are passionate about your career and how your Skidmore experience contributed to where you are today.

Sept. 2  Founder's Day

We're bringing back an old tradition. For those who are on campus, join us on the Green for games and a BBQ picnic. Off-campus, keep your eye out on the Skidmore Twitter feed for trivia questions about our founder, Lucy Skidmore Scribner. Or hold your own Founder's Day party with alumni in your area by ordering a Skidmore To-Go box