Skidmore Funded Internship Awards 2012-2014

SEE Beyond: Summer Educational Experiences - Beyond the Campus

SEE-Beyond Awards invite students to explore new techniques, technologies, or modes of inquiry or expression; to apply their academic-year learning to real-world challenges; and to clarify the interrelationship between their educational and post-baccalaureate goals. Awards may be used to support field or laboratory research, internships, artistic residencies, workshops, apprenticeships, or productions.

Student Government Association’s (SGA) "Responsible Citizenship Internship Award" (RCIA)

The SGA is pleased to offer nineteen students a RCIA of $4,000 to participate in an unpaid summer internship. These awards were developed to provide Skidmore students with the opportunity to participate in unpaid internships to gain practical knowledge in their field of study and to further Skidmore College’s mission to encourage responsible citizenship, as outlined in the Strategic Action Agenda (2009). Students are not required to apply for academic credit.

New World Fellows Program

The New World Fellows Program was established by New World Foundation COIN Program to support a partnership between the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network and Skidmore College. The Program provides stipends for 15 high financial need Skidmore students to study social issues and policy development through community-based advocacy work.

Skidmore Summer Funded Internship Award Program (SSFIAP)

Through the generous donations of alumni and parents, the Career Development Center awards 22 students grants of $4,000 each. This award is used to assist students who complete an unpaid summer internship related to their field of interest that will support and enhance their career development.


Award Internship
Environmental Studies Saratoga PLAN
FACT Yale School of Medicine researching Autism
FACT Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST)
Haley Apprenticeship Frittelli and Lockwood, Saratoga Springs
Levine The Constitution Center
SSFIAP Saratoga Water Co., Saratoga Springs, NY
SSFIAP - Allen Tate House Museum, Portland, ME
SSFIAP - CDC Concepts Actions & Objects Lab, University of Rochester
SSFIAP - EMG Clarity Juice, LLC, Saratoga Springs, NY
SSFIAP - Gilbert Award Bric, Brooklyn, NY
SSFIAP - Grace U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, Albany, NY
SSFIAP - Grace Arts Unbou Orange, Orange, NJ
SSFIAP - McDermott Pathology Dept., Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Med. Sciences
SSFIAP - Megan McAdams Carismaperu, Huancayo. Peru (community service project)
SSFIAP - Megan McAdams Cambodian English School of Higher Education
SSFIAP - Parents Council Polish Institute of Arts & Sciences, NY, NY
SSFIAP - Smith Word Up, NYC
SSFIAP - Smolens Valley Hospital, Ridgewood, NJ
SSFIAP - Steve Schwartz Ohio Civil Rights Commission, Dayton Regional Office, Dayton, OH
SSFIAP - Susan Schwartz Citizens' Environmental Coalition, Albany, NY
SSFIAP - Susan Schwartz Georgian Mission to the UN, NY, NY
Susan Schwartz 3/SSFIAP 1 Hetrick-Martin Institute, Brooklyn University, Downstate Medical Ctr., Alternatives for Teens
SEE Beyond Biomechanics of tendon injury & repair, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
SEE Beyond Margaret Murphy Center for Children, Intern, Autism Spectrum Disorders
SEE Beyond Spirithouse Music
SEE Beyond Radiation Physics Reseach: Ras Labs and Princeton Plasma Physics
SEE Beyond Molecular Neuroscience Research, Shanghai, China
SEE Beyond Atikus Insurance Inc.
SEE Beyond Translation & Community Org (Backstretch Employee Service Team Saratoga)
SEE Beyond International Relations & Development Analyst, Die Linke
SEE Beyond Clinton Global Initiative Health Team
SEE Beyond Permanent Mission of El Salvador to the UN
SEE Beyond Working w/women of Fondation Toya  (organization in Haiti)
SEE Beyond JUVE (Organizarion Juventud Ecuatoriana in NY,NY)
SEE Beyond Margaret Murphy Center for Children, Intern, Autism Spectrum Disorders
SEE Beyond Project Vote Smart, Communications and Development
SEE Beyond Schuyler Daughters; research project-part of the "Call to Action" for National Parks
SGA Covenant House
SGA Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce
SGA New York City Council Woman
SGA Student Conservation Association
SGA Watershed Management Group
SGA Project Morry
SGA Marbel Valley Regional Correctional Facility
SGA City of Saratoga Springs
SGA Kole Meya Myan Women Working Organic Farm
SGA Saratoga County Economic Opportunity Council
SGA Grace Smith House