Career Development Center

Skidmore Social Justice Seminar and Work Study Placement


"This course was a good bridge
in connecting my Roosevelt learning
experience to Skidmore after my
summer internship. It allowed me to
understand and acknowledge my
personal agency and role as a citizen
in Saratoga Springs and what I can
offer to this community. After this
semester, I feel a deeper connection
to Saratoga Springs as my community
away from home. It is just as important
to become engaged with the Saratoga
community as it is to get involved in
my hometown in New York City. "
               - New World Fellow 2013

Social Justice Seminar

One-credit seminar with Sociology Professor/Associate Dean David Karp and Community Service Director Michelle Hubbs. This seminar is takes place from the fall semester. The goals of this experience are to:



Examples of possible placements include: Economic Opportunity Council, Latino Advocacy Program, Mediation Matters, Saratoga Bridges, Saratoga Center for the Family, Saratoga County District Attorney’s Office, Saratoga County Public Defender’s Office, Saratoga County Department of Probation, Saratoga Mentoring, Saratoga Prevention Council, Saratoga Public Library, Saratoga Springs School District, Shelters of Saratoga.