Career Development Center

Job Shadowing Program

Mandatory Orientation: Wednesday, October 2 & Thursday, October 3, 7 PM, Bolton 280
(Students must attend one of the orientations in order to be eligible to participate in Skidmore's Job Shadowing Program. Students unable to make one of the orientations must call the Career Development Center to make an appointment to meet with Penny Loretto, 

Deadline to Apply: Friday, October 25

Click HERE  to download and preview 2013 sponsors.

What is Job Shadowing?
Skidmore’s Job Shadowing Program is an opportunity for students to spend one or more days observing, asking questions, and learning more about a career field of interest over winter break.  Students get to experience a typical workday and will observe first-hand how organizations run and the individual responsibilities of professionals in the field.

Students are matched with one of many excellent sponsors in a variety of locations. Students are encouraged to partake in this program to explore careers to assist in their career decision-making process.  Sponsors include alumni, parents, and friends of Skidmore who have volunteered to host students.  

Students may apply for up to 3 job shadows but may complete only one shadow through the program.  Due to the popularity and competitiveness of the program, all students may not be matched with a sponsor.  In this case, the Career Development Center invites students to make an appointment with a career counselor to assist students in creating their own job shadowing experience.

•    Attend a mandatory orientation session in October  (Check the CDC Calendar for dates)
•    Submit a resume, with top three choices indicated at the top of the resume to sponsor listings in My CDC Account
•    Complete a Goal Sheet and Occupational Workshop once matched
•    Meet individually with the CDC

To Apply:
To access Job Shadowing Sponsors, students must log into their My CDC Account, click on "Position Type: Job Shadowing" and sort by "Function". Resumes are accepted on a first come/first serve basis. Please check the CDC calendar for submission deadlines.  Resumes will not be accepted after the deadline.

Follow Up:
Once students have been matched with a job shadow sponsor, the Career Development Center will notify students.  It is the student’s responsibility to contact the sponsor, pay for their own travel, and schedule a mutually agreeable date(s).  

Students are required to make an appointment to pick up their job shadowing contracts and packets in the Career Development Center once they've been notified of a successful match. Students not matched are also welcome to come in to meet with a counselor to learn how to schedule their own shadow. 

Become a Job Shadow Sponsor!

If you are interested in hosting a student over Winter Break, use the form below to sign up to become a Job Shadow Sponsor! Please contact Penny Loretto with any questions regarding the program.

Examples of job shadowing activities:

Tour of department or organization, informational interview with yourself, HR representative, or other colleagues, attendance at staff meetings, visit with constituent/client/customer, show-and-tell" regarding projects on which you are currently working, sharing information about journals and professional activities related to your field, current project where shadower can contribute and learn some valuable skills, niches within your field that s/he could consider and ways to explore those areas, etc.    
Job Shadowing can be for one day to several weeks depending on sponsor/student schedule.