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The New World Fellows

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A Community Leadership Experience

2013 New World Fellows group

"Through the Summer Academy, I learned to look at things through the lens of active change. I learned that, although I am a college student, I do have a voice and I can impact local communities through student-driven policy."   - New World Fellow, 2013

The New World Fellows Program was established by New World Foundation COIN Program to support a partnership between the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network and Skidmore College. The Program provides stipends for fifteen high financial need Skidmore students to study social issues and policy development through community-based advocacy work.

The New World Fellows has two major components:

(Program Dates: May 29 through August 1)

Internship Placement in NYC

  • Nine-week, full-time community-based field placement in a non-profit or government agency.
  • Past placements include the Dept. of Probation, Brooklyn Movement Center, and Dept. of Youth and Community Development.
  • $4000 Stipend.

Roosevelt Institute Summer Academy

  • Complementary academic and leadership program connecting professional development, social policy analysis, academic and leadership training, and self-reflection that culminates in a team-based policy design project around a public policy issue specific to New York City.


Work Study Placement in Saratoga

  • 6-10 hours/week at a community-based organization.
  • Past placements include Saratoga Mentoring, EOC Latino Advocacy Project, Lake Avenue Elementary School, and Saratoga Public Library.
  • Salary equivalent to Work Study.

Social Justice Seminar

  • One-credit seminar with Associate Dean/Professor David Karp and Community Service Director Michelle Hubbs.
  • Study issues relevant to NYC and Saratoga placements including agency needs assessment, grant writing, and policy analysis.
The New World Fellows is a program designed to:


The Fellowship is open to full-time, first year, sophomore, and junior Skidmore students with demonstrated high financial need (estimated family contribution of less than $5,550) and in good academic standing (above a 2.00 GPA). All students who have legal status allowing for earned income in the U.S. can apply. There is a preference for students who are permanent residents of New York City, but in any case, students must live in NYC to participate. Preference will be given to first-year and sophomore students who apply.

Selection Criteria

Students will be selected based on the following criteria:

Expectations of Award Recipients

Students will represent Skidmore College by being responsible, mature professionals over the course of their summer internship experience. All students must participate in the fellowship throughout its entirety, including all Summer Academy programming, final seminar and reports, and the Fall Social Justice Seminar and Internship Placement.

Summer Academy Final Report

At the end of the summer, students will be required to submit a final report (500 words) to Skidmore College describing their responsibilities, what was learned, and how the summer experience might benefit them and their communities. These reports will become the property of the College and may be posted on its website.


Each award will provide selected students with a total of $4000 for the summer. Students will be paid by Skidmore College in two equal installments in mid-June and mid-August. All expectations of the Roosevelt Institute Summer Academy and Internship Placement, including final seminar and reports, must be met prior to receiving final checks.

PLEASE NOTE: Students will be considered independent contractors and will receive a 1099 form indicating the amount of the payment early next year. A copy of the IRS Form 1099 is sent to the IRS. Students will be responsible for paying income and social security taxes on the award amount when they file their 2014 tax returns.

To Apply

Deadline to apply for the award is February 21. All students will be notified by March 10, of the status of their applications.

Students interested in applying must submit a resume and application essay by accessing their My CDC Account on The Career Development Center's website. Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted.

Applications will be judged by an independent Selection Committee. Applicants are encouraged to consult the Career Development Center's Resume & Cover Letter Guide for assistance in preparation of resume (sample resumes included). Career Coaches offer daily drop-in hours in the Career Development Center to critique resumes.