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IM Softball Rules

Four team minimum to have a season. Eight team maximum.

Starting the Game: Ten people will constitute a team (pitcher, catcher, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, short stop, rover , 3 outfielders). A minimum of nine people is needed to start/continue a game(deleting one outfielder and the rover). Each team must have two men and two women on the field. Whenever this does not occur, the team loses an out per inning that they are at bat. All players will bat. The first ten minutes will be used as a warm-up period line-up cards are due at this time. Any team not ready to play ten minutes after the scheduled game time will forfeit. Any team with a forfeit will be disqualified from the tournament. Any team with two forfeits will be disqualified from further league play. There is a 14 member limit to the roster. No more than 2 varsity athletes per team roster is allowed for the softball league. A varsity player is anyone who is currently on the varsity baseball or softball roster this academic year.
Equipment: The Intramural department will provide all field equipment, catchers masks, balls and bats. There may be a few gloves available but it is each player is strongly urged to bring their own. No outside equipment will be permitted. All catchers will wear the masks when behind the plate. No metal spikes will be permitted.
Playing Time: Each game will be five innings or 45 minutes, whichever occurs first.

Playing Area: Games will be held on the turf. There will be two fields - Loop Road field and Sports Center field.


Pitching: The pitcher must deliver the ball in an underhanded pitch from below the hip with an arc of at least 5 feet above point of release. There is no windmill pitching allowed. Speed may vary. If the pitch does not meet standards, it will count as a ball. The ball must fall between the shoulders and knees of the batter and cross over the plate.

Hitting: NO BUNTING. Batter will be called automatically out and ball is dead. Base runners may not advance. Swinging strikes are the only strikes called. If a foul ball is hit on the third strike, the batter is out. Walks are not permitted, but if a pitcher is continuously struggling to get the ball over the plate, the defensive team must switch pitchers to keep the game moving. If a foul ball passes higher than the batters head at home plate and is caught, batter is out - no one on base advances. If it is lower it is a foul ball. If either occurs on the third strike, the batter is out.

Base Running : NO STEALING or LEADING. Base runner may leave base when pitch has crossed plate. The runner will be called automatically out when leaving the base early. Sliding is permitted.


- Overthrows which travel into out of play territory are to be considered as dead. Each runner may advance one base in addition to the base they were going to receive.

- If a fair, batted ball lands before the midfield line, is not toched and travels over the line, the batter receives a ground rule double, and runners may advance two bases from the base they were occupying when the batter hit the ball.

- If the ball is touched by a defesive player, then the ball is live.

- If the ball lands beyond the midfield line, it is ruled a home run.

- Any ball that is hit in play or beyond the midfield line can be caught for an out.

-Any base runner who interferes with a fielder attempting to make a play will be considered a dirty player and will be called out. -If a batted ball strikes a base runner, the runner is out. -If third out is a force out, runner scoring on the play does not count. If third out is a tag play, run is good if player touches plate before tag is applied. -A TEAM MAY NOT SCORE MORE THAN SEVEN RUNS IN ANY INNING, unless they are behind in their final at bat, in this case they may score until they are ahead by seven.

-A fly ball that goes over the fence in fair territory is considered a home run.

Officiating: There are NO umpires. Defense will make all calls. Calls must be legitimate and in the spirit of the game. Commissioners will oversee any disputes.

Playoffs: The top four teams will make playoffs and it will be a single elimination tournament.

Conduct: The "Honor System" will be used among the players in place of officials when officials are not present. Only the captains may speak to the commissioner and/or official about a questionable call.

The commissioner has the right to throw out a player for any reason the commissioner deems appropriate, including consistent arguing, obscene language, etc.

Disqualifications/Forfeits: If a player is disqualified for any unsportsperson-like act, he/she will be suspended from league play until reinstated by the Recreation Sports Department. Any player suspended from league play will not receive a championship t-shirt should his/her team win.

Any team with a forfeit will not be eligible for any playoff game regardless of record.

Any team with two forfeits will be disqualified from further league play.

To qualify for a championship t-shirt, a player must have competed in at least two league games and the championship game.

Any disputes should be taken up with the commissioner on site. Any further discussion should be directed to the Intramural Director immediately following the game at ext 8350.

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