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IM Power Volleyball Rules

STARTING THE GAME: Teams will be made up of 4 players. The requirements are at least one female player on the court. No requirements for the number of varsity players. Roster limit is 7 players. You must have 3 players to start/continue a game. A 10 minute grace period will be given before a game is called as a forfeit. After two forfeits, the team will be disqualified from further league play. A coin will be tossed and the winner will choose serve or court. At the beginning of the second game, the team that did not serve the first game will serve. If a third game is needed, the winner of the original coin toss will choose again.
EQUIPMENT: Game balls will be provided by the Intramural Department. The first team listed will wear light colored t-shirts. The second team listed will wear dark colored T-shirts. (i.e. 1 v 2 -team one would be in lights and team two would be in darks). Proper shoes are required. No jogging or black soled shoes, cleats or street shoes are permitted. All jewelry must be removed before start of game.
PLAYING TIME: A match consists of the best 2 of 3 games. The first two games will be rally score to 25 points - win by 2 with no cap (i.e. each play will result in a point scored regardless of who serves). If a third game is necessary, it will be played to 15 points.

PLAYING AREA: Matches will be held on the volleyball court in the main gym or, as a back up, the rec gym near the weight room


- The ball must be clearly hit, a carry or double hit is not allowed.
- A ball touching the boundary line is considered good.
- A ball may be hit from 1 to 3 times before going over the net.
- A ball may be hit by any part of the body.
- A ball that hits the ceiling and comes down on the same side of the court is considered to still be in play as long as the previous hit was not the team’s third hit.

- Players must rotate clockwise. There must always be one female player per team on the court during play. The server or player who has just lost the serve from the back right position will be considered the only back row player. All rules pertaining to back row players will apply to this player only.
- After the ball is contacted on the serve, the players may move from their respective positions.
- A back line player spiking from behind the 3 meter line may land on or in front of the line providing the takeoff was clearly behind the line. A back line player can not spike in front of the 3 meter line.
- A player may be outside his or her court while the ball is in play if he or she does not cross the center line.
- Unlimited substitutions may be used. A substitute shall take the position of the player who he or she is replacing. Substitutions can be made when the ball is dead and on your serve.
- No player may touch the ball twice in succession unless that person has blocked the ball at the net for his/her first hit.

- A player may not serve out of turn. Serving out of turn will result in loss of points and side-out when it is discovered.
- When returning the serve, the first hit can be made with fingertips but not blocked.
- A serve that hits the net is still in play.
- After the serve, players may change positions. A back player may move to the front to set but may not block or spike.

- The game will be played with a 7' 8" height net.
- A player shall not contact any part of the net while the ball is in play. When a ball driven into the net and the net touches an opposing player it is not a foul.
- A player is allowed to step on the centerline but not beyond it.
- A ball may be played off the net. A ball, other than the serve, may touch the net when crossing it to enter the opponent's court.
- If the ball has broken the plane of the net, it may be spiked or blocked.
- Players may not touch or reach across the net except if their hands cross while spiking or blocking the ball.
- When players contact the ball simultaneously, above or on top of the net, each player may participate in the first of the three hits allowed his team. If the ball goes out of bounds on a simultaneous hit, the team on the opposite side of the net is at fault.
- When more than one player participates in blocking the same opposing player and such players make only one attempt to play the ball during the block, they may make successive contact of the ball during the play.
- Simultaneous contact of the ball by more than one player of the same team is allowed and is considered as one play. Either player participating in such a play may participate in the next play.

Conduct: The "Honor System" will be used among the players in place of officials when officials are not present. Only the captains may speak to the commissioner and/or official about a questionable call.

The commissioner has the right to throw out a player for any reason the commissioner deems appropriate, including consistent arguing, obscene language, etc.

Disqualifications/Forfeits: If a player is disqualified for any unsportsperson-like act, he/she will be suspended from league play until reinstated by the Recreation Sports Department. Any player suspended from league play will not receive a championship t-shirt should his/her team win.

Any team with a forfeit will not be eligible for any playoff game regardless of record.

Any team with two forfeits will be disqualified from further league play.

To qualify for a championship t-shirt, a player must have competed in at least two league games and the championship game.

Any disputes should be taken up with the commissioner on site. Any further discussion should be directed to the Intramural Director immediately following the game at ext 8350.

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