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IM Dodgeball Rules

Team: 6 players on the court at once. There must be one woman on the court at all times. If a woman on your roster is not present on a given day, your team will play one person down. In order for a game to begin, you must start with a minimum of 4 players. The roster size is limited to 10.
Playing area: All games will be played on a volleyball court. During play, a player must remain within the boundary lines. You may pass through your end line only to retrieve a ball that has gone out of bounds. You must also re-enter through the end line. You may not:
Exit or re-enter through the sideline
Have any part of your foot outside the sideline boundary.
Cross over any boundaries to avoid being hit by or attempting to catch a ball
Have any part of your foot cross over the centerline and contact the ground on the opponent’s side of the court.
Penalty: If any of these take place, player is declared out.
Match Play: A match will be the best of 5 games. There is no time limit to each game.
A coin flip will start the match. The winning team will have choice of side to begin match. Teams will alternate sides following each game. Each team has one-30 second timeout per game. Substitutions can only be made in between games.

Objective: The objective of the game is to eliminate all opposing players by getting them out. The first team to legally eliminate all opposing players will be declared the winner.

An out is scored by:
1. Hitting an opposing player with a live thrown ball below the shoulders. (If a player ducks in an attempt to show that the ball is above the shoulders, then that player is out.)
2. Catching a live ball thrown by your opponent. When this occurs, a player from your team re-enters. The person re-entering must be the person who has been out the longest in that game.
3. Causing an opponent to drop a held ball as a result of contact by a thrown live ball
4. An opposing player stepping out of bounds.

A player may block a thrown ball with a ball being held. (A ball deflecting off a held ball and striking the holder or another member of the holder’s team is a live ball. If the ball is deflected and caught by another team member, the thrower is out. If ball is deflected and hits another team member, the team member is out.)
Live Ball (def.)– a thrown ball that remains within the playing area and has not yet hit the groundd .

Starting the game: 6 dodgeballs are placed along the center line, equally spaced and with three balls on each side of the hash mark. Players take their position at their end-lines and on the supervisors signal, they may approach and retrieve any ball they can get. On the start, every ball must first be taken behind the attack line into the team’s backcourt before it may legally be thrown at an opponent.

Stalling and Five Second Violation: The team trailing during regulation must be given an opportunity to eliminate an opposing player. It is illegal for the leading team to control all of the balls for more than 5 seconds. If the leading team controls all the balls, they must make a legitimate effort to get at least one ball across the attack line and into the opponents back court. (This does not include throwing the ball over and through the opponent’s end line.)

If this is not done within 5 seconds, a violation is called:
1st violation – stoppage of play and balls will be divided evenly between the teams
2nd violation – free throw for the opposing team – one player is allowed an unobstructed throw at their opponents. The thrower can NOT be eliminated even if the throw is caught.
3rd violation - Ejection of one player from the offending team.

Overtime: Overtime will consist of a 1-minute sudden death period. All OT periods will begin with each team having an equal number of balls behind their end line.
First team to eliminate any one opposing player will be declared the winner.

Conduct: The "Honor System" will be used among the players in place of officials. Only the captains may speak to the commissioner about a questionable call.

The commissioner has the right to throw out a player for any reason the commissioner deems appropriate, including consistent arguing, obscene language, etc.

Disqualifications/Forfeits: If a player is disqualified for any unsportsperson-like act, he/she will be suspended from league play until reinstated by the Recreation Sports Department. Any player suspended from league play will not receive a championship t-shirt should his/her team win.

Any team with a forfeit will not be eligible for any playoff game regardless of record.

Any team with two forfeits will be disqualified from further league play.

To qualify for a championship t-shirt, a player must have competed in at least two league games and the championship game.

Any disputes should be taken up with the commissioner on site. Any further discussion should be directed to the Intramural Director immediately following the game at ext 8350.

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