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IM 5 on 5 Basketball Rules

(There is a limit of 7 teams per league)

STARTING THE GAME: Five players will constitute a team. A minimum of five (5) are needed to start /continue a game. A 10 minute grace period will be given before a game is called as a forfeit. There is a ten (10) player game roster limit. There is a limit of two varisity players on the court during competition. A varsity player is anyone who is currently on the varsity basketball roster this academic year. Any team with a varsity player on it will be automatically placed in the V-League.
EQUIPMENT: A basketball will be provided by Intramural Department. The first team listed will wear light colored t-shirts. The second team listed will wear dark colored T-shirts. (i.e. 1 v 2 -team one would be in lights and team two would be in darks). Proper shoes are required. No jogging or black soled shoes, cleats or street shoes are permitted. All jewelry must be removed before start of game.
PLAYING TIME: Games shall consist of two (2) eighteen (18) minute halves with two (2) time-outs per game-one per half. Each time out will last no longer than one (1) minute. An official’s time-out will be called in the case of injury, emergency or incident in which the official will determine the length of the time-out. There will be a three (3) minute break between periods. The clock will be stopped on all free throw shots and on ALL dead balls in the last two (2) minutes of the game.

OVERTIME: In case of a tie game, there will be a two (2) minute overtime with the team ahead at the end of play declared the winner. Each team is allowed one (1) time-out per overtime period.

THREE POINT SHOTS: The three point shot will be in effect.

THREE SECOND RULE: The three-second lane violation will be in effect.
SUBSTITUTION: Substitution shall be permitted only when the ball is dead. SUBSTITUTIONS MAY ONLY ENTER THE GAME AT THE OFFICIAL’S SIGNAL.
DUNKING: There will be no dunking in any dead-ball situation (before, during or after the game). The penalty for dunking is a technical foul. Dunking is allowed in live play.

PERSONAL FOULS: A personal foul will result in the ball being taken out of bounds by the team that the foul was committed against. On the teams 7th foul, a one-and-one free throw situation will occur. On the teams 10th, the opposing team will go to the line for two free throws.

Individual fouls will not be kept track of, but please be sure to keep the spirit of the game in mind.

OUT OF BOUNDS: A ball striking the side or the underside of the backboard shall be in play. A ball that strikes the basket supports or a ball that crosses over the backboard shall be out of bounds.
JUMP BALLS: Jump balls will be taken at half court between any two opponents:
-at the beginning of the game.
-at the beginning of each period.
-following a double foul.

VIOLATIONS: Other violations include:
traveling with the ball.
b. double dribble.
c. stepping on, or over the restraining line on a free throw before the ball leaves the hands of the free throw shooter.
-if committed by defense when free throw is made, substitute free throw is awarded

-if committed by the offense when free throw is made, basket does not count.

d. Three (3) seconds in the lane.

PENALTY FOR VIOLATIONS A-C: Opponents take ball out of bounds close to where the violation occurred.
REMOVAL FROM GAME: A player shall be removed from the game under the following situations:

- a player receiving a second technical foul.
- a player intentionally striking another player, a spectator or an official.

CONDUCT: The "Honor System" will be used among the players in place of officials. Only the captains may speak to the commissioner and/or official about a questionable call.

The commissioner has the right to throw out a player for any reason the commissioner deems appropriate, including consistent arguing, obscene language, etc.

DISQUALIFICATIONS/FORFEITS: If a player is disqualified for any unsportsperson-like act, he/she will be suspended from league play until reinstated by the Recreation Sports Department. Any player suspended from league play will not receive a championship t-shirt should his/her team win.

Any team with a forfeit will not be eligible for any playoff game regardless of record.

Any team with two forfeits will be disqualified from further league play.

To qualify for a championship t-shirt, a player must have competed in at least two league games and the championship game.

Any disputes should be taken up with the commissioner on site. Any further discussion should be directed to the Intramural Director immediately following the game at ext 8350. All rules not covered by this supplement shall be governed by the official NCAA Basketball Rule Book.

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