Arts Administration Minor

The College is working on developing a minor in Arts Administration by Fall 2009. Students interested in pursuing theater management & administration would have a Theater major and an Ats Administration minor. The minor will likely consist of two new arts administration courses and a number of course in the Management & Business Department. In addition to the Theater major requirements, the following electives are recommended to students interested in administration.

  • TH341 History of American Theater (3)
  • TH333 Director as Collaborative Artist (3)
  • TH299 Professional Internship in Theater (3 or 6) [an administrative position in a theater company]*
  • TH399 Professional Internship in Theater (3, 6 or 9) [an administrative position in a theater company]*
  • MB107 Business Organization & Management (4)
  • MB214 Foundations of Marketing (3)
  • MB224 Foundations of Organizational Behavior (4)
  • MB234 Foundations of Accounting (4)
  • MB337 Advertising and Promotion (4)
  • TH377 Senior Seminar [Career Development, fall only] (1)
  • NOTE: Depending upon interests, students might consider taking the additional courses in accounting (MB235, MB307 and MB308).
  • * TH229 & TH399 credits are limited to 12.