Detailed Requirements for the Theater Major
  • COLLEGE-WIDE REQUIREMENTS (refer to the Skidmore College Catalogue for details)

  • Of the total 120 semester hours required, college-wide requirements account for anywhere from 29 to 54 semester hours. This range is a function of testing, demonstrated proficiency, and course choices.
    These requirements reflect the core of a liberal arts education. They are vital to the development of the theater artists. When you choose to major in Theater, an appropriate faculty advisor (given your concentration) can help you to make the best choices for your electives and all-college requirements outside of the Theater Department. These might relate directly or indirectly to your theater interests or they may simply be courses that seem to interest you for one reason or another.


    • TH 228 (Stage Lighting) offered in alternate Springs fulfills the all-college QR2 requirement
    • TH 334 (Asian Theater) generally offered every other year, fulfills the all-College non-Western Culture requirement.
    The Department of Theater believes that all students majoring in theater must study at least the fundamentals of all aspects of the art form and develop and understand a common vocabulary. This enables the theater artist to better communicate with collaborators and better understand the their needs and concerns.     * These courses may be repeated for credit at the discretion of the department.
    TH 103, Introduction to Theater
    TH 129, Design and Production
    TH 130, Introduction to Design
    TH 229, Theater and Culture I
    TH 230, Theater and Culture II
    TH 140, Introduction to Directing
    TH 250, Production Seminar*
    TH 235, The Skidmore Theater Company*
    TH 335, The Skidmore Theater Company*
    TH 333, Director as Collaborative Artist
    TH334, Special Studies in Theater History and Theory
    TH341, History of American Theater
    24-27 credits


    One course in dramatic literature 3 credits
    EN 215 Drama
    EN 339 Modern European Drama
    EN 345 Shakespeare: Comedies, Histories, Romances
    EN 346 Shakespeare: The Tragedies
    EN 359 Modern British and American Drama
    CL 222 Greek Tragedy
    CL 223 Greek and Roman Comedy
    FF 318 French Dramatic Literature
    FG 356 Theater in the German-Speaking World
    FG 321 Studies in the Spanish-American Drama
    F(G, F, I, S) 363 Special Studies in a Genre (with permission)
    EN 225 Intro. to Shakespeare
    GO 351B Shakespeare's Political Wisdom

  • Theater Elective Requirements - a MINIMUM of 18 Credits

  • In addition to the required theater courses, each major must complete at least 18 semester hours of theater electives. Recommended electives are listed under each concentration. These electives may be adjusted in consultation with appropriate faculty members.

    It should be noted that, depending on the concentration, the number of credits involved in the following recommended electives exceed 18.

    Most Theater students who seek a life in the theater choose to take between 55 and 60 total credits in Theater. This is of significance when compared to the 30-36 credits for most undergraduate Bachelor of Arts programs in Theater and 90 credits in Bachelor of Fine Arts programs in conservatories.

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