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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for English Language Learners

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English Conversation Partner—Sign up Here

Meet with an English conversation partner for 1–2 hours a week. You and your partner decide the time and location you would like to meet. Talk about topics of interest whether it is getting to know one another, life at Skidmore, or a shared academic interest. Your partner will be a fluent English speaker and can help answer questions you may have about English expressions and vocabulary.  This is a great opportunity to meet fellow classmates and practice your English skills.

English Practice Study Group—Sign up Here

Form a group with some of your friends or classmates (2–5 students). Decide what kinds of English skills your group wants to focus on. Meet once a week with professional staff or a student facilitator to work on meeting your goals. If you don't have a group, we can match you up with one.

Individual Academic Support

All students, including English language learners, can make an appointment with professional staff in Student Academic Services (SAS) or academic support and counseling. SAS staff can help you if you have questions about specific classes, assignments, time management, study skills, and more.

Stop by the SAS Office (Starbuck 102) to make an appointment.

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